Koala Walkabout

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Go on a walkabout down under in this life-size koala themed maze exhibit! Navigate the maze by answering questions and learning about these special creatures. Is a koala a bear? How much does a koala drink on a hot day? How big is a koala when it is born? Visit three Experience Galleries that weave together the relationships between the island of Australia, the koala bear and its vital habitat. Peek your head out of a Kangarooís pouch in the Marsupial Room, solve life-cycle puzzles in the Koala Room, and hang on trees in the Eucalyptus Room! Koala Walkabout is a memorable, educational and entertaining exhibit for everyone: sponsors, educators, conservationists, marketers, the media, and especially visitors!

Sounds of the Australian Outback, marsupial vocalizations, and commentary by the director of the Australia Koala Foundation immerse visitors in the Australian outback.

Find your way to the three Experience Galleries by answering questions about the koala bear. Incorrect answers lead to dead ends and short explanations. Correct answers are reinforced as visitors move through the maze and into an Experience Gallery.

Three in all: Koala Room, Marsupial Room, and the Eucalyptus Room. Each is filled with informational signs, puzzles, flip door quiz panels, and hands-on interactives.

Created in collaboration with the Australia Koala Foundation, Koala Walkabout is filled with current information about marsupials, koala bears, their habitats and the vital links between them.

Koala Walkabout makes the perfect complement to the large format film Australia: A Land Beyond Time. Bridge the gap between the film and learning center experiences, increase viewerships, combo ticket sales and revenues.

Koala Walkabout will be custom designed to fit your gallery or outdoor space. Columns, trees, corners, and other irregularities can be easily worked around to create an inviting presentation.

Kids are sure to go through Koala Walkabout again and again. Provide parents with the opportunity for a snack or to shop by placing the maze near concessions and gift shops.


 San Francisco Zoo, CA
 Binder Park Zoo, MI
 Franklin Park Zoo, MA
 Calgary Zoo, Alberta
 Discovery Center, MO
 Science Station, IA

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Call at 206.782.0667

Themed mazes are powerful kinesthetic learning tools. The synergy between the physical acts of exploring a maze while mentally interacting with the curriculum engages and educates visitors of all ages and creates a memorable experience.