Mission Aerospace

"A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! Something for everyone ages 3 to 103. We've had great success with school groups, birthday parties and special events. Patrons leave with a smile ...and usually several paper aircraft."

- Discovery Center, Ocala, FL

We are very excited.
It was a pleasure working with you."

- The Virginia Air & Space Center

Explore the history of flight, navigation and NASA's vision for the future of earth and space exploration.

Inspire the next generation of explorers to value where we are today and to look towards aviation of tomorrow.

Turn that inspiration into flight by building your own rockets and paper airplanes and testing them for distance and air-dexterity in the target-filled launch arenas. Can your rocket reach Saturn? Can you fly your plane around the world? Can you tweak your plane to do tricks?



 Virginia Air & Space Center
 Discovery Center - Ocala, FL
 The Science Zone

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Call at 206.782.0667

Themed mazes are powerful kinesthetic learning tools. The synergy between the physical acts of exploring a maze while mentally interacting with the curriculum engages and educates visitors of all ages and creates a memorable experience.