Chimpanzee Challenge

Swing from vines, soar through treetops and 'Live Chimply' in the Chimpanzee Challenge maze. Perform feats of ape-like strength, agility, and communication to discover the surprising similarities between humans and chimps.

See through the eyes of a chimpanzee by 'transforming' into a newborn and attempting to survive in the wild through adulthood. Come face-to-face with the sights, sounds and threats of their every day life; learn the role humans' play; and discover how each of us can improve the lives of chimpanzees.

Developed in collaboration with world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute, Chimpanzee Challenge brings the plight of the chimps closer to home, empowering visitors to make a difference.


Understand the interconnectedness with all living things
Empathize with the plight of chimpanzees
Learn how similar chimpanzees are to human beings through role-play
Discover hope for chimpanzees, the animal world and all of humanity
Empower people to take action in their community

Mission Chimp - Possible!
Your mission: become a chimp and survive in the wild from infancy to adulthood by answering questions, dispelling myths, and revealing facts about the lives of chimpanzees.

Navigate the winding passageways of a rainforest-themed maze by answering questions and successfully reaching the four life-cycle stages from newborn to twelve-year-old adult. Correct answers lead visitors to three experience galleries that encourage role-play activities and in-depth exploration into the world and behaviors of chimpanzees. Answer incorrectly and discover dead-ends that expose the many threats facing chimpanzees in the wild.

Reaching adulthood lands you a coveted invitation to the Chimpanzee Gathering, where you'll hoot and holler at the Communication Station, posture and gesture your emotions to community members and groom fellow chimps as a way to nourish friendships and patch up disagreements.

Bring your newfound knowledge and friends to Jane Goodall's Reasons for Hope to explore her Roots and Shoots program and learn how to put the indomitable nature of the human spirit to work.


Knuckle-Walk: Don't be a knuckle head! Be a knuckle walker! Slip your hands into a set of long wooden arms and imitate the preferred mode of chimp locomotion.

Survival Challenge: Don't rest...go on a quest! Spin the wheel and go on a scavenger hunt of chimp necessities including: habitat, food, protection and social structure. Undertake the quest over and over as you find and identify all that you need to survive and thrive in the wild.

Grooming Station: Don't sit some grooming! Nourish friendships, comfort each other and patch up disagreements while pulling leaves and branches from other 'chimps'. Explore social hierarchy and discover the uses and benefits of grooming.

Communication Station: Compare your best 'pant and hoot' with the pros! Listen to chimp vocalizations, learn their uses, then record and play back your own versions.

Mirror, Mirror: Who's the funniest chimp of all? Explore the amazing similarities in the non-verbal communication of chimps and humans. Guess the moods and meanings of postures, gestures and facial expressions.

Brachiation Station: Don't hesitate...brachiate! Swing through the trees and see if you can imitate the dexterity and strength of chimpanzees.

Hangin' with the Homeys: How long can you hang? By the age of three chimps are stronger than human adults. Compare your strength and see how you fare.

Vine Swing: - Grab a vine and fly through the air to see if you have the strength, grace and timing of a chimpanzee!


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Themed mazes are powerful kinesthetic learning tools. The synergy between the physical acts of exploring a maze while mentally interacting with the curriculum engages and educates visitors of all ages and creates a memorable experience.