Mission Safari

"This is an extraordinary adventure
for parents and children...
both fun and science-based!"

- Jean-Pierre Ranger, Parc Safari

"My grandchildren were enthralled
with the endangered species maze.
After an hour, they still hadn't tired
of the journey!"

- Barbara Wood, grandmother of girls aged 4 and 7

Mission Safari connects visitors to the stories and strengths of 16 endangered species. 4 colorful spinning wheels create 48 missions linking each guest with an animal-companion in the maze and, for zoos, in their collection.

This 5,000 sq ft immersive attraction introduces themes of species survival and protection through play-and-learn interactives including a climb-on spiderweb, jungle vines, chimpanzee swinging bars and a falcon monorail zip slide.



 Parc Safari, Hemmingford, Quebec

(+1) 206.782.0667 oficina principal

Los laberintos temáticos son poderosas herramientas kinestésicas que sirven para aprender. La sinergia entre el acto físico de explorar un laberinto mientras se interactúa mentalmente con el plan de estudios atrae y educa a los visitantes de todas las edades para crear una experiencia memorable.