Rainforest Adventure

"...best children's exhibit of the year!"
- Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

"Families LOVED the exhibit. A huge hit!"
- Museum of the Rockies

"...our best May in years and years."
- Albuquerque Zoo

One of the least known habitats on Earth, the rainforest is filled with exciting mysteries waiting to be discovered - just like Rainforest Adventure! Abundant and sometimes unfamiliar sights, sounds, and plant and animal biodiversity come together to create an interactive experience about one of the world's greatest treasures. Visitors experiment with physical and mental challenges as they descend through the four layers of rainforest. By the time visitors reach the forest floor, they are better equipped with an understanding of how humans impact this diverse yet fragile forest, and how they can make a difference.




 NC Museum of Natural Sciences, NC
 Delaware Museum of Natural History
 Cranbrook Institute of Science, MI
 Da Vinci Science Center, PA
 San Antonio Botanical Garden, TX
 Museum of the Rockies, MT
 The Wildlife Experience, CO
 San Francisco Zoo, CA
 The Dakota Territory Air Museum, ND

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Los laberintos temáticos son poderosas herramientas kinestésicas que sirven para aprender. La sinergia entre el acto físico de explorar un laberinto mientras se interactúa mentalmente con el plan de estudios atrae y educa a los visitantes de todas las edades para crear una experiencia memorable.